Pinpointers are an accessory when you buy a gold detector and not every gold detector has a pinpointer built in. But it plays a crucial role in saving your time and improving the quality of your finds.

The important thing you need to know is that pinpointers are sometimes built in the gold detector and sometimes cheap models do not have this capability but don’t worry you can always buy a handheld pinpointer that can do the work for you.

Here are some important reasons you need to have a pinpointer with you when you are digging for gold nuggets.

It is very accurate

Accuracy is the key factor why pinpointers are always recommended as they are very accurate in determining and locating the position of gold nuggets. Which helps a lot since the coil size of a gold detector is quite large and when the digging starts it becomes confusing when to stop digging and whether the gold nugget is present in the soil that you be throwing away. 

Light and easy to carry

The external pinpointers are lightweight and easy to carry, requiring only one-hand operation and can be carried easily when you travel to mountain areas or plains. So it’s a perfect accessory when you feel like searching for the buried treasure in the land.

It saves you time

When digging for nuggets that might be located in depth, pinpointers come really handy because they can help you identify whether the gold nuggets are present in this portion of the soil or not. Which can save you from the hassle of digging for an hour only to find out that you may have thrown the portion with gold nugget away. 

So it’s important to keep using pinpointer while digging to correctly identify when you have dug deep enough to extract the gold nugget.

It works without moving

Most of the gold detectors work by moving them over the ground continuously for it to work, but when it comes to pinpointing the location of small sized gold nuggets, the big coil size does not help since the area is too large to cover, having a hand held detector helps you locate exactly where the nuggets might be when you are digging or simple searching.


Pinpointers help you locate gold nuggets with great accuracy but their depth is very shallow, they can not work for more than 2-4 inches so the ideal way to use pinpointers is to use a gold detector to identify gold nuggets in the soil and then start digging, while using the pinpointer to locate exactly where the gold nugget will be in the soil.