There are many competitors in the market but it’s important to choose the right supplier to buy your original gold detectors from.

Lowest Price for Original Products

We guarantee the lowest price of original gold detectors in the market, our products are all price competitive as well as of original quality, we do not deal with replicas as well as Chinese products. 

We deal with original products only

Only products from America, Germany, Turkey, and Bulgaria are imported and we deal with the world’s top 52 clients and guarantee the quality of the product to be the best and reliable. 

Professional Trainer / Expert Technician / Expert Opinion

We provide a highly trained staff that has been working for years dealing with gold detectors and can help you provide training on how to use the detectors accurately to find the buried treasures.

We also have expert technicians on hand that can help you with any problem if there comes any time.

We have been working for the past 6 years dealing with our clients and have gained valuable experience 

After Sales Services ( Warranty, Repair, Training )

We provide satisfactory after-sales services that include a warranty that you can claim if there comes a fault in your product and if the warranty covers that issue

We provide original spare parts that can be used to repair the detector if any damage is done to it.

We also provide training for you if you need help in understanding the product and want to know how to use it.

Import Devices on Demand

If you have any product that you can’t buy in the market and is present online, we can import you that detector and deal with all the duties and taxes so you don’t have to.

Certified/Authorized largest Distributors

We are the largest authorized and certified distributors of gold detectors on Pakistan with many clients from all of the 4 provinces of Pakistan as well as clients from Gilgit and Kashmir. 

Fast and Free Delivery

We provide quick and reliable delivery of your gold detectors and you don’t have to pay anything for delivery charges. We got you covered.

Cash on Delivery

There is an option available to pay cash when the product is delivered to your doorstep instead of online payment.

Original Equipment Proof for Customer

If you have any doubts as to the originality of the gold detector or any of its parts we provide you a proof of equipment that can be authenticated by the international company that made that product.

Official Warranty

We provide official 1,2,3 and 5-year warranty depending upon the model and company of the gold detector and can also help you claim that warranty if the need arises.

Sales Tax Invoice for the legal transaction

If you need proof for the legal transaction and also provide a sales tax invoice to show that the product was imported from legal channels and you are free to use that product. 

More than 6 years Experience

We have more than 6 years of fieldwork testing import and distribution of gold detectors and we ensure that our clients get only the top quality products from us.

All Detectors are Field Tested

All the detectors that we provide are always field-tested first to make sure they are working properly when we hand it to you so that you can use gold detectors as a hobby or profession and rest assured on the quality of the product.