Start treasure hunting in Pakistan Where you should start treasure hunting in Pakistan

Before you start exploring and start treasure hunting in Pakistan you should read this till the end to get the full idea of it. Treasure hunting using gold detectors can be a demanding task and here is why.

Don’t fall for Hearsay. 

People have a habit of making stories out of everything especially when it comes to their heritage. You would often hear people talk about old rulers and their treasures and their stories behind them and where the treasure may be buried. Old villagers especially talk about this a lot with younger generations to keep the conversation interesting.

Or maybe your relatives told you about a story of how someone buried some treasure or some precious statues of importance or maybe jewelry.

The advice here is to not fall for that and don’t just blindly buy a gold detector and start exploring, have a survey of the area, ask other people around to authenticate the story, get as many facts as possible before you make an investment.

Don’t give up.

Don’t give up easily when are having a hard time finding the gold nuggets without any success. It becomes very difficult to keep up and usually people stop bothering and give up after a while. Well this profession requires patience, the chances of finding gold nuggets are low but the possibility is still there and people have found gold nuggets. After hours, days and months of searching and getting experience, there will come a time that you will find the treasure you are seeking.

There will not be an overnight success and you’ll have to keep on searching be it it’s a rainy season or sunny days or cold winters. This requires a lot of effort and you must be willing to put that hard work before you can reap the rewards.

Travel a lot

One mistake in treasure hunting in Pakistan is  people make is that they only target a very specific area and never explore beyond it, it is not guaranteed that you will find gold nuggets in your target area and the possibility of finding gold nuggets using your gold detector increases when more area is covered.

Your detector is not faulty to start treasure hunting in Pakistan 

People usually think when they start treasure hunting in Pakistan  finding no gold nugget is because they have faulty gold detector but that is not usually the case. There are a number of possibilities that you may not be able to find something worthwhile.

When you start treasure hunting in Pakistan It may be that you don’t know how to use your detector properly. For that we recommend you to read this article and test your gold detector to see how it works. Consult with the book provided with the gold detector to understand how it works, and if the problem is still their consult us as we provide expert opinion and training as well.

It may be that the detector is faulty then have it repaired or claim warranty after you confirm it from us and it will resolve all your issues, but usually we field test every detector before we sell it to our customers to make sure they are working.

The other reason may be that they are you are searching for really doesn’t have gold reserves and it’s important to have a good survey of the area before you start searching for the gold.

Possible Locations and Areas 

People often want to bury their precious possessions like gold, jewelry, silver as well as statues or cutlery. If you’re searching out for gold nuggets or precious metals and find it somewhere,

It is important to check if the ground it is buried in might not be an old grave, you can check this by checking the direction of the grave with respect to Qibla to check if the grave is of a Muslim person or a non-Muslim.

For start treasure hunting in Pakistan other possible locations you can look for are Baluchistan, KPKK, Kashmir, Quetta, Chakwal,  Jhelum, Taxila, Attock, Gujranwala.

These are the places we hear back from our clients, there are other areas that need exploration and the best thing is to start at these areas or start from the are you are living in and see how it goes.

start treasure hunting in Pakistan