Buy gold detectors in Pakistan Tips to buy gold detectors in Pakistan


These are the not-so-technical tips that you should know about before you make a buy gold detectors in Pakistan.


After-Sale Services

Check if your supplier provides after-sale services, we do provide after-sales services that included warranty claim, repair and replace as well as technical training and professional opinion. You should know if the supplier provides these services and if the supplier is trustworthy and have all the legal documentation for your gold detectors.


Choose authorized dealer to buy Gold detectors in Pakistan 


If you want to buy gold detectors in Pakistan only buy from original authorized and certified distributors that can guarantee you original product and its spare parts.


Do Not buy cheap products that do not come with any guarantee or after-sales services. Don’t fall for Chinese products as well they often claim to have specs that are too good to be true in that price range and people often end up spending on those products but they do not work.


Time you willing to spend


You need to be able to spend some time and not expect overnight success. This task requires time and dedication before it returns and you should know about that before you make an investment. Buying a detector according to your time availability is important and the important thing is to have time on your hand when you actually start treasure hunting





The amount of money you should spend buy gold detectors in Pakistan is also important, the more expensive, more features it will have. So depending on your budget and requirements you should make an informed decision. If you are not sure, it’s better to consult us, and wait rather than buying a gold detector that may be cheap but will lack the features that you needed in the first place.


Right Detector for you


You should know about the land you will be working on and whether you would require extra features or not.


Features like pin pointers, ground balance and depth indicator as well as the technologies used in the coil. The type of coils and their sizes, the type of material your gold detector should be made of and the weight of the detector.


More Expensive, More Features


The more you spend to buy gold detectors in Pakistan the better features it will have, there are different type of detectors. For the sake of simplicity you should be looking for features like ground balancing, depth indicator, pin pointer. The size of the coil as well its features like sensitivity, frequency and qualities like discriminations all these factors are involved .


Usually detectors with greater features come with a price. People who are not willing to go all in but are interested in experimenting with the gold detectors should consider buying a beginner level gold detector and see how it goes.


When you should search? 


Another most important technique that can help you get good results is that you should try searching for gold nuggets after rainfall. It gives you a better chance of finding gold nuggets in the ground as well as near streams and running water.  


Its because the wet ground conducts the electromagnetic signals better then dry ground. Hence more waves travel through the ground and reflect back. Giving more precise readings when the object is small and its orientation is not optimal for detection. The gold nuggets can also travel with running water and gets deposited on the sides of the streams and under stones. Hence after rain it is a perfect timing to go for hunting and looking for the lost treasures.


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