Soil Mineralization in Gold Detectors


What is mineralized soil?


Soil mineralization is often the most problematic of all the problems a hobbyist or a professional may face out in the field of treasure hunting. When you take a walk outside you will find that the soil near your home is probably very different from that present in farms in villages, similarly, soil in the mountains also have a different texture and qualities present.

This is because the soil has been exposed to different kinds of conditions and weathers and thus have developed different qualities that make soils differ from region to region.

Rainfall and chemicals also play an important role in this, for example, farms which are regularly exposed to chemicals such as fertilizers have a lot of chemicals in it, compared to mountainous areas with less human interaction.

Rainfalls also play an important role in Soil Mineralization in Gold Detectors as they restore the quality of soil that was natural, rainfall washed always the chemicals and in mountainous areas water from the top brings with it the minerals and metals like iron and gold to the bottom, hence one of the reasons you can pick gold nuggets is near water streams from mountains.

These different types of soils have different compositions of metals that come from naturally occurring minerals as well as rain and sometimes the chemicals that we put into this soil and hence soils can become ferrous soils with a significant presence of iron particles this ferrous soil is also called high mineralized soil

Problems of Soil Mineralization in Gold Detectors

Not all soil types are ferrous soil but those which are becoming a problem for gold searchers are because high sensitive modern gold detectors can pick up these iron particles and show them as metals.

For an inexperienced gold searcher it will be very difficult to figure out what is going on and we have to reduce this by doing ground balancing to tell your gold detector to ignore certain type of signals and only to detect the gold or other precious metals.


Soil Mineralization in Gold Detectors