Sensitivity in Gold Detectors

There are a lot of features that the sensitivity of a gold detector depends upon, most of these features are very unique to gold detectors and some are general cases that are easily understandable once we discuss them here.

Sensitivity in Gold detectors

What Does Sensitivity in Gold Detectors mean?

Sensitivity in Gold detectors is the ability to sense the presence of gold in the ground, higher sensitivity means that the detector will be able to detect gold nuggets in soil with great precision and low sensitivity in gold detectors means that fine details that differentiate between normal metal as compared to precious metals, won’t be easily picked by these detectors.

Sensitivity depends upon many factors both internal to a gold detector as well as external such as the environment, soil as well as nearby electronic devices.

Soil Mineralization

Sensitivity is affected by soil mineralization, the more mineralized soil it is ( the presence of iron in soil ) the lesser would be the sensitivity. Because of high mineralization, we have applied ground balance and depending upon the nature of the soil. How mineralized the soil is, the sensitivity is decreased and that why only gold nuggets of relatively bigger size are detected in such conditions. 

Sensitivity in Gold detectors

Depth of Detection

Depth of detection is directly proportional to sensitivity, the higher the sensitivity, deeper would be the depth at which your detector can successfully detect a gold nugget whereas low sensitivity will give you a shallower depth of detection than the optimal case.

Noise and Sensitivity

Noise can be of many types ranging from electrical interference to the trash in the soil, high mineralization as well as faulty equipment. 

Suppose you are searching for gold nuggets in an area with underground wires as well as overhead wires, maybe some pipes with iron casing as well. The soil is also highly mineralized and you know there is some metal trash like scrap metal as well. All of this amounts to noise and will produce inaccurate readings and your gold detector will make unnecessary noises.

And that is why you have to apply ground balancing to neutralize the effect of mineralized soil and to reduce the noise from scrap metal and wires and pipes. You should decrease the sensitivity  in gold detectors so that it only detects large gold nuggets and not the irrelevant.  

So in order to get the optimum performance in trashy areas or areas with electrical interference, you should always perform ground balancing and then reduce the sensitivity detectors so that less noise is picked up by your detector.