Price varies for many reasons when it comes to gold detectors.


Depending upon the features of the detector price varies. 

Features include pinpointer, depth indicator,  ground balance, 3D graphs etc

What do you want it for

The important question is what do you need your detector for and how much time are you willing to spend to look for gold nuggets.

It also depends on the location at which you wanna search for, and how much information you have on the location. Whether the soil is mineralized or not etc. 

Whether you want to casually spend your weekends on or do you want to send full time.

Whether you want it just as a hobby or you want to make a living out of it!

Also, there are other factors that affect the price of a detector like: 

  • Dollar 
  • Import tax
  • Bank transfer
  • Freight
  • Custom duty 5%
  • Additional Sales Tax 3%
  • General Sales Tax 17%
  • Income Tax 6%
  • Warehouse ( per day )
  • Custom Entry
  • Custom Clearing Charges
  • Delivery Charges
  • Civil Aviation Authority Charges
  • Handling Charges

Due to these charges the devices are relatively expensive than cheap smuggled replicas and by abiding to the law and paying the taxes what we you get is Reliable After Sales Services, Warranty Claim ( we import officially, and have proper paperwork for it, hence in the time of need we can send the device away for repair or replacement which you can not do if you buy cheap devices from unauthorized dealers )

Prices also vary depending upon the gold detector you choose, the features that it has and for what level you are buying. It also greatly depends upon the environment, surroundings and the type of soil that you will be working on. 

Beginner Level Gold Detectors

Beginner’s Level Gold Detectors have few of the shortfalls, they also mostly lack a few features and are mostly not recommended for general use. But they are cheap and can provide a good stepping stone if you really wanna get into this business and invest in a good device later.

Beginner’s level detectors have a depth of detection of around 10-12 inches with a coin size that ranges from 4,5 up to 8 inches.

They work on VLF technology but features like pinpointer, ground balance, and depth indicator are not present. Price varies from Rs 10k to 50k. And they are only recommended for people who just want to know what gold detectors are and wanna practice more before investing in a gold detector that has more features.

Intermediate Level Gold Metal Detectors

The intermediate level Gold detector is also somewhat close to beginner’s level, they are often only recommended for specific purposes and usually are advised to those who know what they are giving up if they buy a gold detector of this level.

Their depth of detecting a gold nugget is 2-3 feet and coil size ranges from 8-11 inches. Just like beginner level detectors they also use Very Low Frequency ( VLF ). But they have pinpointer capabilities present. They also lack the capabilities of ground balancing. And also no features like depth indicator but these gold detectors are able to discriminate between different metals because they use DD coils. And their price is around Rs 90k-120k.

Advance Level Gold Metal Detectors

Advance level Gold detectors are the most recommended detectors because they come packed with a lot of useful features that you would need in any kind of situation. Their price point increases but the features very well justify their price.

Advanced level gold detectors come with features like ground balancing, depth indicator and pinpointer ( depending upon the model of the gold detector ). They can measure accurately up to 3-5 feet and their coil size can vary from 11-15 inches.

They come with DD coils for discrimination and relied on Very Low Frequency ( VLF ) to locate the gold nugget in the ground. Their price varies from 120k – 225k. 

Deep-Seeking Level Metal Detectors

Deep Seeking Gold detectors are for people who want to look deeper than the average user for gold deposits, these gold detectors can search from 6 to 10 feet and their coil size can also vary from 1 to meter, and are of DD type that can discriminate easily.

Since the coil size is large these gold detectors can search in deeper depth but one compromise is that they don’t have a pinpointer inbuilt and you have to carry a handheld pinpointer to check for the gold nuggets in the soil once they have been identified by your gold detector.

They use Pulse induction technology which is often used to achieve deeper depth Their price vary from 350k to 700k.

Professional Level Gold Detectors

These gold detectors are for professional use and come with all the important and extra features that you will ever need like ground balancing, depth indicator, and discrimination as well as 3D displays and extra information shown on displays

These types of gold detectors do not use any coils, they are equipped with sensors that are of advanced level and are highly sensitive towards gold, they can easily detect how deep, where and what type of metal is present in the soil. 

Their price varies from Rs 800k – 480k and their depth of detection vary from 10 feet to 50 feet.

Depending on your budget as well as the kind of work you require from your gold detector you may choose from these levels and spend accordingly what is bet for you.