Metal detectors can be based on two types of technology. Either motion technology-based devices. Or they can be based on non-motion technology. Both come with pros and cons of their own. Thus we will explain what that means.

Metal detectors based on motion technology requires swinging. The user swings the device in to and for. In order for it to work properly. But it is important to note that how to swing. The metal detector should not be swung in circular motions. Neither in any kind of curve. Because the right way to swing is parallel to the ground. The distance of the coil from the surface is important to maintain. For example two to three inches above the ground.

detector based on non-motion technology requires no swinging motion. You can just point it at the ground and it works. However, you have to compromise on depth because this static technology is not very powerful. motion technology goes on a deeper level


Metal detectors