Gold Kruzer metal detector is the product of Nokta Makro, Made in Turkey with 2 years warranty. It is the micro metal jewelry & gold Detector available in the market. It is sensitive to small target objects like tiny flakes of gold. However Gold kruzer is preferable to use in case of searching gold nuggets.

Also, it gives exceptional output in hot rocks and rough ground. It’s vigorous design help to find out deeply immersed underground gold nuggets and small jewelery pieces, this is one of the unique quality of Gold kruzer metal detector because other detectors can’t detect at this level.

It is fully submersible and can detect underwater. In addition, it doesn’t only detect gold, but also search additional metal like iron and silver. It’s not only limited to locate gold but detect coins as well as relics in the ground, It is consider as best gold relics Detector. Gold kruzer is getting high rating from its customer day by day.

About its depth, With the help of larger two coil, maximum depth can be 10 – 12 inches approx. Moreover it depends upon the size, condition of the ground and target composition.

Gold kruzer metal detector