Gold detectors are not for everyone and unfortunately, those who buy it are not informed whether the product they are buying is the actual product, a fake or a replica. 

People make an uninformed decision and usually fall prey to the cheap or even more expensive devices that do not work.


There are a few things you should check before buying a product, Chinese brands usually claim wrong specs especially depth range as well as features like Ground Balance, Depth Indicator, or waterproofing.    

They also fail to plot the right 3D graphs sometimes which result in inaccurate measurements and waste your time and effort because of faulty equipment.

Cheap gold detectors are also incapable of discrimination, they would not be able to differentiate between two different types of metals, especially a precious metal from a nonprecious metal.

Finally, if the detector you buy is of poor quality then there is a very high chance that they might miss the gold detector and fail to accurately detect the object at all. A good detector is able to detect all the gold nuggets in 1 sweep and not miss a single one.

Long Range Locators

Long-range detectors are the biggest fraud in gold detectors technology, they are based on the principle of dousing but it has been proven scientifically that the principle does not work and they are incapable of working on the range that is advertised, and the type of objects these devices claim to detect is not true, they can not locate anything from gold to bombs to water to paper money. 

prices of Gold Detector in Pakistan 

While dousing itself is a scientifically proved phenomenon and is able to locate underground water, minerals and metals, LRLs claim they work on the same principle but that is wrong as when they are opened for inspection they are found to have no such hardware capable of doing that. 

More importantly, long-range locators are more expensive than gold detectors, and hence people end up spending more money off the locators which do not work.