F22 metal detector in Pakistan is the product of Fisher Research Lab, Made in USA, 5 years warranty. This is the second machine of Fisher in the latest F series. It is completely waterproof but not completely submersible. The waterproof feature of F22 makes it famous among Detectorist’s. Furthermore, F22 metal detector use for finding jewelry, coins, artifacts and custom modes. Also F22 can detects all kind of metals including gold. It’s comes with superfast speed with efficient target separation. It offers maximum performance in easy to use and user friendly format. It is perfect for both, beginner level and experienced detectorist’s.

Price of F22 metal Detector in Pakistan

In addition, F22 has excellent features mainly includes sensitivity, notch and pinpointer. Even, it has adjustable iron audio that allows to setup the volume of ferrous objects less than the non ferrous objects for enhanced clarity on desirable target objects. The Detector has maximum depth level of 10-12 inches , depends upon the ground condition and composition of target objects. It is now available at buydetectors  .

f22 metal detector in Pakistan