You often find yourself, while shopping at a market, to choose between different quality of products or different brands that sell the same product and have different price tags and that makes it all the more confusing.

Further, you are not sure whether the cheaper product will actually gonna perform the same or as it has been advertised or not.

Well, same is the case with Gold detectors as you take a walk around the market you would find a lot of variants from various different companies that sell gold detectors with different specs and different price tags.

And it will often be the case that gold detectors offered by Chinese brands online or in the market will often be cheap and have specs better than the brands from Germany, USA, and Canada or even Turkey.

Here is why you should not buy from Chinese brands :


Their price is a tempting feature as they are often cheap compared to other brands as well as originals products from authorized dealers. But the cheap price still won’t justify the performance as they lack the necessary features as well as quality that will last for a respectable time.


Features written on the box are often overstated and you will not find these features when you open the box and use it. You may or may not have those features, there is no guarantee that you’re getting what you are paying for. They would mostly offer results that sound too good to be true and always areas they don’t have quality control and often sell fake products or replicas and hence providing cheap products that are not good to work with and will often waste your time and money.

Build Quality

Build quality differs greatly when we compare branded products from cheap Chinese products or replicas as they compromise on quality materials to cut down the price of their products.

The shafts, as well as the coil, is made up of plastic and this plastic is usually a low quality that is easily damaged and is never long-lasting. Is prone to get damaged by weather and can be mishandled easily

Output and Features

Their output like that of 3D displays is often wrong and won’t give you accurate readings even if they work. Also, the features explained in the box as well claimed by the dealers are often overstated and doesn’t live up to their claim and users end up wasting money and regrettably we come to the next point which is also very important.  


If you buy from unauthorized dealers or buy products that are illegally imported and smuggled products, you “can not” claim warranty as usually, we have to send the product to the original company manufacture which can only happen if you have imported the product legally and have the proper invoice for it. That’s what the law requires and Chinese brands are very difficult to claim warranty. 

Spare Parts

One more thing to consider before you buy a product is the cost of repair, and whether you can arrange spare parts in the markets, whether they are easily available and if they are cheap or not. Also if they are to be easily repaired by local people. And Chinese gold detectors have spare parts that are not available and are also expensive to replace and repair. And their warranty is very difficult to claim.

All these features make the Chinese gold detectors a bad choice as they will only be cheap in price, but may provide inaccurate results and will be of poor quality. With expensive repair and replace and warranty that is difficult to claim.