Custom duties and Taxes Of Gold Detectors

Price of the detectors is largely influenced by a lot of factors like Custom duties and Taxes Of Gold Detectors that will determine the price of gold detectors when they are imported from abroad. Detectors go through a lot of taxation and duties are to be paid before you we can actually deliver you the final product with official warranty and original equipment.

Factors influencing the price are


The imports are heavily influenced by the price of the dollar in the trade market and international market, due to the inflation and government’s decision to not float the dollar and let the rupee devalue increases the imports prices.

Example if we were importing 3 detectors in 5 Lakh rupees, not we can only import 2 because ore rupees are to be paid for the same value of the dollar while importing.

Import Tax

Import tax is imposed when we import products from abroad and are collected by custom’s offices. 

Import taxes are imposed depending upon the type of material/device/good you are importing.

Bank Transfer

When we transfer the money from one account to another internationally the services charges are charged from our local bank for processing the transaction as well from the international bank for processing the transfer at their end, and all of that is paid by the receiver or the importer ( in or case, us ) and not from exporter ( in this case the company we are importing the product from ).

Freight Charges

After the product has arrived in the country, it is transported using freight and the order is charged depending upon the cost as well as the size of the product

Custom duty 5%

Customs duty is charged 5% the actual price of the product and is charged when the detector arrives at the customer’s offices.

General Sales Tax 17%

If you wanna sell some goods or services, the certain tax has to be paid to the governing body.

The government allows charging the customers these charges in the form of the increased price of the product.  

Additional Sales Tax 3%

The government also imposed an additional sales tax of 3% making it sales to almost 20% of the product.

Income Tax 6%

Income tax is imposed upon the net income after a fiscal year and usually an income rate times the net income determines the income tax for the individual or a  company. In Pakistan the income tax rate is 6%; 

Warehouse ( per day )

When the product is received by customs, we are to immediately clear them from the customs, the product is stored in a warehouse and it is charged by the day. 

Custom duties and Taxes Of Gold Detectors includes

Custom Entry

There is a small custom entry charge to be paid as well when the product arrives at customs.

Custom Clearing Charges

Clearing the good and in our case metal detectors is also charges by the customs office

Delivery Charges

To deliver a product we are to pay the transport charges like from a plane or train or a bus that adds up and increases the price as well.

Civil Aviation Authority Charges

Also known as air transport charges are the amount to be paid for transporting your packages by air using airplanes or cargo planes. Your cargo is charged by the weight cost as well as space in occupying.

Handling Charges

For every transaction, there are other charges that are involved as well like transport, commodity, processing and etc that are covered under handling charges.

All of these factors sum up the actual price of the product and although it is understandable that the legally imported detectors cost more than the smuggled or cheap replicas it should be noted that the services that our company provide be it after-sales services, legal permit to carry detectors, original equipment and well warranty claim. These are all possible if you legally import the detectors so it advised investing in a good detector which is original as well as legal to use.

Custom duties and Taxes Of Gold Detectors