Pakistan is full of natural resources that only a few have ever discovered and cared to explore, Pakistan is blessed with one of the most abundant natural reserves and due to less exploration and local tourism, many of the destinations are not really been visited and has little to no human interaction with the environment.

One of the many natural resources present in Pakistan is a gold nugget present in various areas of Pakistan that a few people really try to explore. If you go out in the north to Peshawar or Hunza or down south at Balochistan you would find many areas where there is gold nuggets present in the soil as well as near running river.

Who are these Gold detectors for?

  • If you are a resident or have a place to stay up in the hilly areas or place near running water, you would find that having a gold detector with you will make your stay trips a lot of fun because you can go exploring in your free time and may be lucky enough to find a few gold nuggets to bring along with you to sell in the market.
  • If you are only visiting for a few days then this is a good thing to have, to make your trip memorable. You can go out with your friends searching for the lost treasures or buried objects of significance like old relics, statues, metal cutlery from the old civilizations as well as jewelry.
  • If you are visiting with family this will prove a valuable addition to your must-have family trips as searching for gold using gold detectors will make a good bonding experience and the joy of finding something worthwhile with your family is surely a very rewarding experience.  
  • If you are a person who hasn’t found a job yet and is looking for that golden opportunity, or a person who has a little time free from his/her job  and is looking for a healthy activity that may reward you monetarily this is a good thing to invest in, buy a gold detectors and make trips to hilly, mountainous areas or the rocky lands in the sound or maybe plain lands, and may find a good sized gold nugget that can provide you the support you needed all these years, all while enjoying your trips and the view of nature.

What is a gold detector?

Gold detector is a mechanical device that works on electromagnetic principles, by sending and receiving electromagnetic waves by the help of coil in the ground and receiving back the reflected signals, the control unit it the gold detector is able to detect what type of metal is present in the ground and if its a precious metal than it is able to tell you where that gold nugget maybe located so that you don’t have to dig the whole area for a small gold nugget. This helps you save time and effort and can detect the gold nugget at the depth from 2-5 feet which is where the gold nuggets usually are. 

Features of a Gold Detector

Depending upon various different models and companies as well as your budget, you gold detector will have different features and only provide those features, so you have to choose well before buying a gold detector what features you need in your gold detector.

Some of the features in a Gold detector that are important are:

  1. Pinpointer: Whether your gold detector will be able to tell you exactly where your gold nugget is.
  2. Depth Indicator: It tells you how deep the object may be placed so you know beforehand how long will it take to dig the gold nugget out.
  3. Ground Balance: Some soil have high minerals in them and may cause noise, some detectors are able to balance that noise and some are not.
  4. Coil size and technology used in it like Very Low frequency or Pulse Induction.
  5. The type of coil is also important like Mono coils or DD

And also other features like the build quality as well as the weight of the gold detector are also important before you invest in a gold detector to carry out gold hunting in rural areas.